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Why Should I Massage My C-Section Scar?

c-section scar scar scar massage Nov 23, 2021

"What?! I need to start 'touching' that?!"


For so many women, it comes as a surprise to hear that they need to starting massaging their scar.


For some, the thought of even looking at it can be traumatising.


For others, it can feel like that scar isn't even a part of your body...


Massaging your scar can help so much with your physical and emotional healing, and is a really important part of recovery from surgery. 


But... why?


Let me tell you:


Your scar isn't 'just' what you can see on the outside.


It's runs a lot deeper than that wonky, superficial line that sits down below your belly button. 


During your C-section, 7 layers of tissue had to be navigated to reach your baby. These layers, from the outside in, are:

  1. Skin,
  2. Fatty tissue,
  3. Rectus sheath, (this bit sits between the sides of your '6 pack' abs,
  4. Peritoneal fascia, which is a bit like a layer of glad wrap covering your pelvic organs,
  5. Two layers of uterus, and finally
  6. Amniotic sac, with your baby tucked inside!


Each of these layers is cut, stretched to make an opening, and then either stitched, stapled or glued back together (with the exception of the amniotic sac).


Your incredible body starts it's healing journey whilst you are still in theatre, and eventually scar tissue starts being laid down at each of these incision sites.


Before you ever had a C-section, each of the tissue layers in your pelvis glide and slide easily on the layers above and below, as you move, and as your internal organs perform their usual functions.


After your C-section, as your body starts to heal from the incisions, sometimes small adhesions, or 'sticky bits' form between these layers. This means that the layers can't glide and slide as easily as they previously did, and can become a little 'stuck' in parts. 


If left untreated, these sticky bits can contribute to

  • Poor sensation, or loss of feeling around your scar and belly,
  • Pain during sex, or when trying to use your bowels, or even just moving around in your average day,
  • Needing to pee more frequently than usual,
  • A 'shelf' like look to your scar, and
  • Importantly, negative emotions and lowered self confidence.


These issues can be common in the months and years following a C-section, but they great news is that don't have to remain a problem.


Scar tissue massage, even when just performed by yourself, at home, can make a huge difference to your scar, and can really help reduce the impact of C-section surgery on your body.


If you'd like to get started with C-Section scar massage, I've put together a handy little guide, 7 Days To A Better Scar.


This simple guide will will teach you how to begin giving your scar the attention it needs - you can download it here


If you have any questions, please reach out, I'd love to hear from you, 


Emma xx



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