EVERY woman deserves the very best support, education and guidance, for a wonderful recovery after child birth.

I help Mums have a great C-Section recovery...

Hi, I’m Emma, a Physio, and Mum to 4 incredible children, all born via C-section.

After the birth of my first son, I felt sore, lost, and totally confused about how to safely recover.

Fast forward 8 years and 3 more C-sections, and I now know all the important steps for a great recovery!

And, I’ve helped hundreds of other women thrive after their c-sections too.


Complete C-Section Recovery Program

I can't wait to share with you my Complete C-Section Recovery Program.

This program is a little gift from me, to all C-Section Mums out there.

It's packed with all the info and education I wish I'd had, to safely progress from those early days feeling fragile, sore, and flabby, to strong, active and able.

If you'd like to have a brilliant C-section recovery, make sure you get on the waitlist, to be the first to hear all about it!


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