Scared to touch your scar?

c-section scar recovery scar scar massage Apr 26, 2022


If you said yes, you are definitely not alone!

So many women say they feel squeamish, or nervous, or just 'yuk' at the thought of any sort of touching that new bit of skin…

(FYI, if you feel fine about touching yours, that's awesome. You probably don't need to keep reading this post, but I’d love you to share it with another c-section Mum!)

If your C-section was a rushed, late-in-the-game strategy to safely birth your bub, your scar might hold feelings of regret or disappointment, which can add to that feeling of not wanting to touch the area around your C-section wound. 

Being able to touch and connect with this area is an important part of overall recovery from birth, for both your mind and body.
Touching and massaging your scar can
  • Improve movement around the scar tissue, 
  • Improve sensation over the scar area, and
  • Reduce pain and discomfort.


So, let's try to start touching! I want you to use these three little prompts as a starting point for touching your scar.

You don’t need massage cream, or lotion. Just your fingertips.

You can do this DIRECTLY onto bare skin, or you can do it through the fabric of your underwear or tshirt. Totally up to you.

1. Resting your fingers at one end of the scar, gently slide them up and down, above and below the scar. Then move along a centimetre or two, and repeat, and keep doing this along the length of your scar.

2. Starting at one end, slide your fingers softly a centimetre or two along the scar, then back. Repeat this as you move the whole length of your scar.


And finally,

3. Imagine you’re tracing around a 5 cent piece, and gently swirl your fingertips along the length of your scar.

For each of these techniques, you don’t need to be ‘pushing’ or ‘pulling’ on the tissue. Just let your body get used to the sensation of being touched.

Keep breathing, stay relaxed, and close your eyes if it helps!

Once you're comfortable touching your scar, make sure you download my Beginner Guide to Scar Massage to get even more benefit for your scar!


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