Negative Emotions Around Caesarian Birth

Mar 17, 2023

A Caesarian birth can bring with it a tidal wave of emotions.

From 'terrified' or 'devastated', right through the spectrum to 'relieved', 'supported' and 'overjoyed'

There's certainly no 'right' or 'wrong' way to feel about having a Caesarian birth.

But - it is really important for us to acknowledge that our feelings and emotions can play a huge role in how we 





during and after the birth of our little ones. 


There is evidence to say that women who birth via an unplanned or emergency caesarian report higher rates of fear and anger following their birth1, compared to a planned Caesarian or a vaginal birth.

For many of these women, the negative emotions can stem from having felt uninformed, unheard,  or unsure during the pregnancy and birth.

Knowledge is power, and arming women with knowledge about Caesarian birth can help to improve mental health and wellness in those essential early days and months of a baby's life.

We are not on a mission to 'promote' Caesarian birth.

Not trying to 'encourage all mothers to have a Caesarian". 

Rather, we want all pregnant women to feel informed and educated about Caesarian birth.

To understand what is involved, to reduce the fear and unknown, so that if this birthing pathway is one that you need or want to walk down, you can do so with confidence and a sense of control


So please - share this page, share our instagram account @completecsectionrecovery with a pregnant friend, so that she can learn more about Caesarian birth, reduce her fears, and feel more confident in her birthing journey too.




1 - "Primiparous and Multiparous Women’s Mode of Birth and Negative Emotions".Gizell Green, Riki Tesler, and Adilson Marques 2022 May; 19(9): 5189. Full reference to come. 

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