Natalie's Birth Story

birth fear birth story c-section birth ivf planned c-section Mar 30, 2022

 "I feel no regret by choosing a C-section. It was my choice, and I have never once felt like I missed anything."


At 36, Natalie and her husband had been trying to conceive for several years. They eventually visited a fertility specialist, and commenced IVF treatment. This process culminated in the arrival of their incredible daughter, Eliza. 

Here's Natalie's story...


What was your pregnancy like?

Pregnancy was fairly straightforward, aside from being over stimulated from the IVF and ending up in hospital with 18kg of fluid in my belly (which occurred overnight!).

But, the remainder of my pregnancy was without issue, and I loved being pregnant. 


How did you plan for the birth? 

I had always had a lot of “birth fear”.

Fear of a 40 hour labour, fear of then having an emergency surgery, and the biggest fear of having to go through everything for something awful to then happen.

When I discussed this with my OB (who was also my fertility specialist), she asked if I wanted to schedule a C-section.

I just had instant relief that I could choose that and I wanted that! 


What were some of the positive aspects of your birth experience?

I found the whole experience so positive!

I was never questioned on my any of choosing a c section, I was the most relaxed of any procedure I have had going into my C-section.

I found everything was as it had been explained to me, and happened just in that order. 


Were there any unexpected, or surprising elements?

My unexpected was how well I felt so soon!

I know not everyone feels this, but for me, I honestly didn’t even feel like I had had a surgery!

My baby was calm, I was calm and well, and once the catheter was removed, I could do everything, and that really surprised me!

The other unexpected was probably how ‘strange’ the surgery is; you don’t “feel” anything. But, it never bothered me.


Tell us about your  physical recovery...

My recovery was uneventful, I returned to reformer Pilates about 12 weeks post birth, but this was not because of a long recovery, it was due to lockdowns (of course).


And how are you now?

I feel no regret by choosing a c section. It was my choice and I have never once felt like I missed anything.

I wholeheartedly feel like I would have had a traumatic natural birth, and I am so glad I don’t have to contend with those issues long term. 

If we are lucky enough to be blessed with a second baby (we have one more frozen embryo) then I would be booking my C-section at my first appointment 😂.

Photo of beautiful little Eliza, by @teaganjanecollective

Thank you so much Natalie for sharing your story!
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